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Key factors for New England banks and financial services firms include robust information security, compliance with stringent industry regulations, and strategic growth strategies, among many others. Additionally, recruiting the best and brightest employees, as well as retaining them for the long-term, is an important concern for company executives.

Through a partnership with Navigate, financial services firms can offer a Fortune-500 level employee benefits package, as well as ensure compliance in all areas of human resources and employee relations. With human resources being handled by Navigate’s team of seasoned professionals, your financial firm can focus on what really matters — strategic growth.

Navigate partners with professional services firms throughout the northeast including accountants, architects, lawyers, analysts and consultants. We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in the professional services space, including employee recruiting and retention, maintaining a business model that is nimble and scalable, as well as dealing with ever-growing technological advancements can significantly disrupt your industry’s established systems and methods.

Put Navigate to work for you to build a custom and competitive employee benefits offering, consult your firm on human resources matters to ensure your growth track is impediment free, and to provide you access to cutting edge technology for payroll, as well as employee time and expense tracking and reporting

Professional Services

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A healthy business makes for healthy patients

Our expert team of HR professionals helps healthcare organizations focus on what they do best: Caring for patients. We do that by mitigating risk, addressing compliance matters, and assisting with retaining the best staff on their behalf. We serve general practitioners, specialist physicians, dentists, urgent care centers and diagnostic testing centers through our premium HR service offering.

Retail healthcare providers throughout New England rely on Navigate to handle their human resources, payroll administration, workers’ compensation, workplace safety, OSHA compliance and more. Let Navigate worry about the health of your company while you concern yourself with the health of your patients.

We partner with privately owned schools throughout New England. Navigate understands the unique challenges private schools face, including teacher and administrator recruitment and retention. We help employees grow professionally and work diligently to maintain and improve your school’s reputation of excellence.

Running a privately owned school is growing increasingly complex with more competition, uncertainty in regulatory requirements and risk than ever before. Our role as an outsourced HR and benefits advisor is to help simplify your life, create efficiency and lower costs.

Privately Owned Schools

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Optimize your employees and maximize productivity

Manufacturers understand the critical importance of maximizing efficiency while minimizing waste and defects. They also understand that the latest and greatest equipment is only as good as the individuals operating and maintaining it.

Navigate has a proven track record of effectively and efficiently assisting New England-based manufacturing companies with OSHA compliance, employee safety programs, precision payroll, and workers’ compensation coverage and claims. Allow Navigate to optimize all aspects of your company’s human resources, while you focus on managing the assembly line, supply chain and production deadlines.

It’s no secret that New England is a hotbed of technology innovation, with hundreds of telecom, hardware, software and SaaS companies based in Boston and the surrounding northeast cities and states.


When it comes to recruiting and retaining top strategists, designers, developers and sales professionals, Navigate’s robust benefits offering gives technology companies a true competitive advantage in the area of employee benefits. Additionally, our seasoned team of HR experts will help you navigate the complex issues of confidentiality, nondisclosure and noncompetition. Let our team handle your human resources, benefits administration and more, while your team dedicates themselves to ideation, innovation, research and development, and brand and business growth.


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Real Estate

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Let’s face it, there are few industries more competitive than real estate. Whether your firm is an agency, a developer, a property manager, a title company, or in involved any other real estate-related service, you’ve undoubtedly fought against high employee turnover and cutthroat tactics from your competitors.
Navigate’s team of HR experts can tackle your real estate firm’s human resources issues, including the key areas of employee benefits and turnover reduction, empowering you to build and retain a team of real estate professionals who are focused on growth. Don’t allow time-consuming business issues such as payroll management and employee benefit administration to keep you from your core business of listing, selling and/or managing New England real estate.

Your small or medium-sized business in the life sciences, biotech or pharmaceutical space faces significant challenges in competing with major national companies. Additionally, with the regulatory and compliance burden high, leading a business in this vertical can prove difficult.
Navigate employs a cadre of human resources professionals who are experts in employee recruiting and retention, benefits administration, OSHA compliance and workplace safety. By partnering with Navigate, your company can remain dedicated to research, forging new partnerships and developing new products while we ensure the human resources component runs seamlessly in the background.

Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

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