The Massachusetts State Treasurer’s Office is Giving Employees Paid Parental Leave

Deborah Goldberg, Massachusetts’ state Treasurer, has announced that 175 office employees will now be eligible to receive up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave. This new policy, which was adopted on June 3, 2015, and effective immediately, applies to both men and women that have been employed with the Treasurer’s office for at least six months, and who have recently had a baby, adopted a child or are fostering a child. Goldberg created the new policy for employees of the State Treasurer’s office in hopes of building a more productive workplace.

The Future of Paid Parental Leave

While this new policy may seem insignificant, affecting only 175 Massachusetts employees, the potential ramifications are actually quite substantial. Laws like this, if taken to the same level as the Treasurer’s office policy, could pave the way for a larger-scale social program that could have a devastating impact on small businesses.

Some legislators have expressed interest in expanding paid parental leave statewide. To read more about the future of paid parental leave, view the Boston Business Journal’s full article here.


Posted on 22-July-2017

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