HR Outsourcing

Here at Navigate, we know that running a small business is no easy task, which is why a large percentage of small businesses ultimately fail. Every day, small business owners are faced with challenges that can impact the success of the business. To make matters worse, seemingly small decisions can often have big implications. Fortunately, HR outsourcing can help businesses consolidate most HR functions and focus on what matters most- actually growing the business. Companies that outsource HR functions tend to grow faster, and are less likely to fail. These blog posts will demonstrate how HR outsourcing can help alleviate some of the top employment-related concerns faced by small business owners everywhere, including the rising cost of employee benefits and outsourcing the administrative burden of payroll processing. Read on to find out how Navigate can help you ease the administrative burden through HR outsourcing, so you can focus on steering your business towards success.

The Importance of HR Services for Startups

The Importance of HR Services for Startups

“Human resources is dead.” The above phrase is often repeated in startup circles. Why? Many startups pride themselves on innovation and creativity, and because HR is the non-flashy part of business, it has gained somewhat of a stigma in the startup world. Founders,...

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