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Located in the Greater New England region, we at Navigate want to help your business perform better. A big part of ensuring business success is ensuring that your business is staying atop on all of the latest local and national regulations and how they are changing. Staying atop of the constant changes can be difficult for a business owner who already has a lot of other issues to worry about, but failure to understand the changes can spell out potential legal issues that can be very costly. It is best to be proactive. For business owners located in New England, look no further for the latest updates on regulations in New England laws and how they will impact your business. We will break down new regulations and make them easy for you to understand what exactly they mean. Topic examples include how the Massachusetts minimum wage will affect small businesses and changes in New Hampshire’s workers’ compensation laws.

What is Ban the Box and Why Small Businesses Should Know About It

What is Ban the Box and Why Small Businesses Should Know About It

Recently, many U.S. states and cities have enacted bills to “Ban the Box” and prevent employers from requiring job applicants to disclose their criminal backgrounds. Such laws offer applicants with criminal histories an opportunity they’ve long been looking for: to...

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