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Top Myths About HR Portals

With or without technology, managing people is no easy task. Over the past decade or so, however, technology has infiltrated the workplace and greatly changed how certain tasks and processes are carried out. The department of human resources is no exception. The...

The Year End Bonus: Things to Consider

As we approach the end of the year, many employers are preoccupied with planning holiday parties and managing employees’ requests for time off. The holidays are an exciting busy time, but one thing that employers should not forget to think about is the year end bonus....

Onboarding: Going Beyond Orientation

So far in this series of blog posts, we have discussed the benefits of employee onboarding, and have given tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of the onboarding process at various touchpoints, including before the first day, and the first day itself. While all...

Election Day and the Workplace

As Election Day approaches on November 6th, many employers may find themselves facing the question of whether or not they are required to give employees time off to vote, and how exactly to address the topic of voting, which can bring up some contentious beliefs and...

Halloween In the Office: Avoid a Legal Scare

As we move through fall and approach the holiday season, we are entering a time when holiday celebrations in the workplace become commonplace. Fall offers plenty of opportunities for seasonal cheer and festivities, with Halloween being an especially fun time. But...

Onboarding: The Importance of Preboarding

In our previous blog post, we discussed the importance of employee onboarding, and some of the benefits it can bring to a business. In addition, we debunked some common myths surrounding onboarding, including the belief that onboarding only happens during the new...