A key part of attracting and retaining quality employees is offering a valuable employee benefits package that meets their wants and needs. For small to medium-sized businesses, however, offering a robust benefits package that rivals that of a much larger corporation can be a challenge. These blog posts delve into how employers can identify what benefits employees want and need, and how those needs can be met. Topics range from new regulations that affect health benefits to ways to get more employees to participate in a 401k. At Navigate, we know just how challenging employee benefits can be, which is why we help to give smaller companies the leverage of a big business with access to more robust and competitive benefits offerings. Read on for tips on how to make the most of your benefits offerings, and to ensure that you are staying on top of all the latest tips and trends in employee benefits.

10 Best Practices for Better Corporate Wellness

10 Best Practices for Better Corporate Wellness

The first step to any engagement program and perhaps the most obvious is to have a true concern for the health and happiness of those employed by your company. The feeling that an employer sincerely values employee wellness can improve atmosphere, relationships, and performance.

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